Who Need Us

Who Need Us

We Are Better Together

#1 Groups of Those Who Look For Adding Value to Their Property Through Cuztomizations

  1. Hotel Owners: 
  2. Hospital Owners:
  3. Department Store Owners:
  4. Restaurant Owners: 
  5. Property Investors:  

      Et cetera. 

      Reasons: Being unique can create value. Humans when seeing strange things will take pictures, then share on social media.

#2 Groups of Those Who Look For Embracing Environmental Branding

  1. Retail Space Owners:
  2. Business Owners: 

    Et cetera. 

#3 Groups of Those Who Love Decorating Their Interior/ Exterior Space & Look for the Right Building Materials

  1. Home Lovers: House + Love = Home
  2. Interior Designers:  Designers will find it easier because there is no need  to mix and match. The color tone can be cuztomized and easily controlled.
  3. Parents who decorate rooms for their kids: safe, dust-free, no smells

    Et cetera. 

    Reasons: The most common question is whether the material is difficult to care for. The answer is not difficult because it does not require maintenance. It will last for 10-15 years after the installation. The lightfastness level is 7 out of 8 – color does not fade easily, even if the area is strong sunlight. It is fire-retardant. The total front vinyl is thicker than 300 grams, which is extra thicker than other materials, making it more durable. We recommend to use Amara on areas that require thicker surfaces. There is a scratch resistant value at the European standard EN259-2. It has high resistance to high temperature, to weak acids and alkalis – resistant to wiping with soap and water. Most importantly, our materials are anti-fungus. 

#4 Groups of Those Who Have Limited Budget in Furnishing

    Reasons: It is economical than purchasing statues or paintings. Yet, it still retains the same value, because the material is the same type required by the use of a hiring painter. Hiring artists needs a higher budget and definitely takes longer to do. Amara can manufacture the still valuable substitute within your budget.

#5 Groups of Those Who Must Renovate Their Property As Quickly As Possible

  1. People with interests in DIY renovation: Amara’s wallcoverings could hardly be torn apart; nevertheless, if it happens, it can be easily reinstalled.
  2. Renovators: our 130 cms material makes the seam less than twice times of other narrower materials, making it almost seamless. After modifying the wall surface to make it smooth, the material can be installed immediately within the same day.

    Et cetera. 

    Reasons: To change the pattern, removing Amara wall coverings will not damage the wall. The wall surface will not be stained, and the house wall can be painted afterwards. We highly recommend to use our team of technicians due to being exquisite work. 

    Our material can be installed quickly and conveniently, even if the room is still in use – no need to cover up the floor or furniture in the room. It is a dry installation – no noise, no bad smell. It does not spoil the opportunity to use the area, as it takes just 2-3 hours to dry.

#6 Groups of Those Who Need Cheaper Problem-solving Methods Through Cuztomizations

  1. Noises Due to Thin Surface or Extra Quiet Rooms (ie. meeting rooms, private rooms in restaurants, large ballroom in the hotel, offices) : solved by using Amara’s soundproof materials, which can be applied on walls or as soundproof roller blinds or as soundproof partitions.
  2. Moisted Surface: solved by using Amara’s waterproof materials.
  3. Surface with Cracks, Holes: solved by using Amara’s super thick materials.
  4. High room temperature: solved by using Amara’s UV protection  materials.

    Et cetera. 

#7 Groups of Those Who Apply Art Therapy

  1. Art Lovers:
  2. Museums:
  3. Art Galleries:
  4. Hotel Owners:  
  5. Hospital Owners:  
  6. Department Store Owners:  
  7. Restaurant Owners:  
  8. Property Investors:  

      Et cetera. 

      Reasons: For art, in my opinion, is a science that helps in the treatment of many diseases. The attractiveness of art therapy does not depend on whether it is beautiful or not, but it is about making our mind “calm down.” 

#8 Groups of Those Avid Fans 

  1. Idols: 
  2. Family Photos:
  3. Wedding Photos:

    Et cetera. 

#9 Groups of Those Who Apply Feng Shui

  1. Business Owners:  
  2. Home Lovers:

    Et cetera.