Story of Amara

Story of Amara

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Pattern in Your Space

Amara is the mural lover, who had studied through many design photobooks and cuztomized her own spaces on her own, beautifully. Then the time has come to her granddaughter, whom Amara supported her education at Parsons the New School for Design, New York City.

Amara is set to deliver the interests in architectural art for interior design and even architectural designs. Especially as for business sector, while Thai markets are growing more competitively, Thai business owners in various business settings such as in restaurants, hotels, department stores, and condominiums try to create a unique identity of their own. Also for personal sector, Thai people with more purchasing power and with more education are more likely to express their own styles through their clothes and their livings.

One of the best solutions appropriate for these kinds of needs is through customizing designs such as by wall murals. Although the design industry is expanding, the problem is that the business managers and the consumers are not design-orientated; otherwise, they cannot find the patterns they want. They only can find the dull patterns or the outdated ones that could be found anywhere.

Just like Amara gave opportunities to her granddaughter, Amara will be the design center to connect designers and customers who look for new designs and patterns. The products we want to focus within the area of our interests – interior designs. Amara will be the printing manufacturer and supplier of such products.

MURAL is what we focus on. It has been popular throughout the world since the past. We emphasize on the value of murals by supporting various artist groups through commissioning them. Then we will be printing the paintings/ drawings by artists on high quality materials. We are distributing them in forms of other materials as well as wall coverings such as carpet printing, curtain printing, tile printing, glass printing, laminate printing etc.

Moreover, we have added various chemical properties such as flame retardant, water-resistant, dust-proof, gloosy effects by integrating into the printing techniques. We are committed to bringing the works of Thai artists to be visible to the eyes of interior designers and art lovers around the world.

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We have installation teams servicing in Bangkok and suburb areas, all over Thailand. In case of installation in other provinces, there will be additional costs for transportation. However, we advise you to use our team for professional work although any technicians can do it with our manual for installation. Our delivery service applies to shipping to foreign countries via plane or boat, depending on the number of products and the customer’s budget. We can estimate the shipping cost once we know the destination and the amount of desired products.

In addition, the mural that we see can be more than patterns because it is a picture of things around us, like our slogan, “Pattern in Your Space.” Once one observes things around, one will find various patterns of art. Artists and designers can create interior/exterior art in all types of buildings from schools, universities, offices, retail spaces. They are to replace any empty wall that looks boring, dull, and lacking feelings or inspiration.

It is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to bring stories around you to create works that you will be astonished, using an empty wall as an empty canvas. Amara has rules for submitting your works of art as following:

  1. Images must not be taken from anyone else without permissions or from other sources such as Shutterstock, Pixabay etc.
  2. Images must be created by themselves, not imitating 100% of the design from any persons. It must be your own intellectual property.

The freedom of creation that is offered by various artists is endless. Amara has accumulated a total of 17 themes, more than 5,000 designs from more than 500 artists. Therefore, Amara is a great storehouse for all talented interior designers.

Once the sketch has been formed, Amara is responsible for helping to fulfill and transform the dreams and imagination of interior designers into reality. The material could be as soft as wall coverings to as hard as faux wood, laminate, or tiles. Our production of such interior/ exterior materials is done quickly and able to create without minimum. One can create a variety of designs for each interior space. We guarantee concrete results that our service will save time and save budgets for procurement, certainly also creating a good impression on all project owners.

You just choose the one you like. We are ready to customize to the size of the work you want to use, without additional costs. OR, if you have your own reference other than what can be found in our library, please show it to us. We have a design team that will discuss. Once customized to the style you desire, which will have a small additional operating cost, the design can be copyrighted correctly.

Nowadays, with unlimited technology and communication, it is open and full of freedom for anyone to display artworks online quickly. However, it must be admitted that sharing art on the intranet can be missed. Because, in fact, art exists everywhere in every area of ​​daily life. The art of graffiti style or the creation of artworks on walls, houses, fences or in public places, in fact, can make people see and become more familiar. Join us to create art to the public as MURAL – the wall coverings.

Amara has a team with more than five years of experience in coordinating each project. Whether it is a restaurant, a retail store, a hotel, or a building that has a complicated coordinating process. From the design before construction to actually building generally takes 1-3 years. There will be many steps, from making a proposal to making a sample piece for the board designer to present. Along with the process, the main contractor starts bidding, asking for samples, and contacting the project consultant. Our installation team will contact the foreman on site and measure the actual area. Details of these work procedures are in our every day tasks. Therefore, we have an understanding of the work process and the details of various work sections.