About Amara Design

About Amara Design

Pattern in Your Space

Who We Are

Amara Design was founded in 2018 as an independent design house, located at the house of 8, where we focus on creating graphics for interior design and architecture. At Amara Design, our passion involves connecting people with spaces in ways that spark creativity and give them meaningful experience of character within the spaces. As your collaborators, our sole focus is to help you define… and amplify the unique character and the intrinsic values of your brand artfully.

We bring a deep understanding of integrations of interior and architectural design with art and brand identity & strategies and also navigate to every one of our relationships.

Mission & Vision


Our Vision

The world’s BEST customized wallcoverings service.

Our Mission

To create own designs all for our customers, to inspire them and break down barriers that limit their creativity through collaborations. We listen.

Our Values

That the ability to cuztomize is a powerful tool. We call it as “made-to-design.”

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Our Philosophy:

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