• What services do you provide?

    At Amara Design, we focus on cuztomizing wallpaper! Customer color-ways are also available. You can choose colors from any pattern, or you can ask us to color match anything from your space. We require physical swatches to ensure we print the correct colors. Once you have your colors chosen, we will produce a strike off for your approval. Nonetheless, we also have a huge collection of modern wallpaper from floral prints, geometric prints, texturized wallpaper and more! Our Library is divided as following: 

    FA: Fancy There are categories Travel, Botanical-Tropical, Vintage

    FO: Foreign look There are categories Asia, The West, Thainess

    I: Illustrations There are categories Geometry, Character, Typography

    P: Patterns There are categories Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, Grey, Offwhite, Gold, Silver, Pastels, Beige

    T: Textures There are categories Bricks, Marble, Mosaic, Sand, Stone, Woods, Quilt, Concrete, Fabric, Metal, Leather, Shiny, Copper, Weave, Silk, Mimic, Bamboo, Granite, Cork.

    FE: Fengshui There are categories Nature’s Power, Lucky Animals, Lucky Objects, Numbers, Four Elements.

  • How is the wallpaper priced?

    Our wallpaper is priced by the square foot based off of the dimensions provided by the client. Each order is custom printed to fit project dimensions and is seamless and non-repeating when installed. We do not have a standard roll or panel size. Design fees only are required on complex orders – those costs will be clearly articulated in the project estimate. Please talk to our sale associates on (66+) 02 398 9499 or simply send e-mail to info@amaradesign.net

  • Is there an order minimum?

    Good news, there is no order minimum as all our material is custom printed for each project. That means we are most willing to receive even only one square metre order.

  • What type of material is the wallpaper?

    The majority of collections are printed on a Canvas, a vinyl wallcovering that is scuff-resistant and can tolerate moisture and heat (Fire Rated A – ASTM E84). You can find specification sheets for each collection on Materials menu.

  • How do I start the process of getting a project quoted?

    First, call us or e-mail information to info@amardesign.net. If within the possible range, we will arrange the sale team to discuss and measure your space. Otherwise, elevations or sketches with precise width and height dimensions are required in order to provide an accurate quote.

  • What is the general lead time for each single production job?

    With designs ready, it will only take 2 days to produce and send it to the delivery ports. Rush installation services are also available by booking before 1-2 days. For every made-to-order design, it may take up at the most to a week. However, the time may differ depending on each specification. We will notify our clients and follow up the work progress until done.

  • How can I make sure my design is the color I want?

    To make sure that you get the work right, we are willing to send the sample for free. Our sample size is A4, and it will arrive within 2 days after the order deposit. It will arrive either by our sale or folded in an envelope. Sometimes the results can be slightly off: designs printed on wallpaper tend to print more vividly than the actual file. Dark colors that are similar to each other may blend together when printed without enough contrast. Highly saturated dark colors printed in large, solid areas don’t have the visual impact they do on your monitor because inks tend to render saturated colors a bit different than you might expect. However, we guarantee we know the ways you will get the prints as desired.

  • What images am I allowed to print with Amara Design?

    1. Your own artwork/design: If your artwork is on paper, you’ll need to scan or photograph it at the highest resolution possible. Or Any design you’ve created on the computer

    2. The Internet offers many resources that can be used for projects, but there are some important caveats: not all images on the internet can be used, you need permission or a license granting you the right to print the image. Unless explicitly stated, it’s best to assume that public domain or images with expired copyright are okay for personal, but not commercial use. Some images are okay to use for personal use, but can’t be used in items that will be sold or used commercially. Creating your own designs that contain or reference third party intellectual property can still be a violation of copyright laws, even if you draw it yourself.

    A common misconception is the 10% rule, which asserts that if you “change” at least 10% of a design that is no longer considered the same as the original and becomes your own. Changing 10% of someone else’s design does not make it yours. It is not ok to represent an image as your own work. You should credit the original artist and source if you are displaying the work in any public form or on your own web site.

    3. Find designs by artists who have made their work available to purchase in Amara Design.